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Learn more about what clean sunscreen means

As clean as your conscience

This is what pure means for you: With our formula, we are probably the most sustainable and skin-friendly sunscreen on the market. How? By totally avoiding questionable ingredients.

Sunscreen won't save the world.
But it can help.

Say no to everything that damages you or the planet

We only use ingredients designated as harmless - which means no fragrances, octocrylene, no microplastic of any kind or nanoparticles. Honestly - only the best.

Discover (probably) the most sustainable sunscreen

Our UV filters won’t put you in harm’s way. They are EcoSun Pass® Approved and seriously sustainable. While the rest of the cream is biodegradable - so if it swims with the fishes, it won’t harm them.

...with the purest formulation.

We only use ingredients that feel good: for your skin as well as your conscience. Dermatologists and the German Allergy and Asthma foundation agree.

What's inside?
Just the good stuff.
And nothing else.
They see it like that too:
"93/100 - Ausgezeichnet"
"Im grünen Bereich"
"Unbedenklich und Empfehlenswert"
Use our
Feel Good Guarantee
Test our cream for 30 days and decide for your self, whether our sunscreen and you are a good team.

eco elio is...

... for face and body

and suitable for all skin types: young as well as mature skin. Certified Sensitive.

...UV Protection and Skin-Care

The light texture of the cream is easily absorbed, while Niacinamide improves your skin's barrier function.

… seriously sustainable

Our UV filters are the most sustainable, while the rest of the formula is 86% biodegradable.

That's what they

think of us

Ich bin im Gesicht aufgrund von Neurodermitis sehr empfindlich und deshalb sehr wählerisch, welche Produkte ich verwenden kann. Diese Sonnencreme toleriert meine Haut, dazu zieht sie schnell ein, hinterlässt keinen spürbaren Film und man läuft nicht mit einer weißen Maske im Gesicht herum.


Was ich wirklich beeindruckend finde, ist, dass diese Sonnencreme nicht nur umweltfreundlich ist, sondern auch sehr effektiv. Ich habe diese Sonnencreme bei vielen Gelegenheiten getestet, einschließlich beim Schwimmen und Sonnenbaden am Strand, und sie hat mich nie im Stich gelassen.


Die beste Sonnencreme dich je benutzt habe. Neutraler Geruch, lässt sich gut verteilen und zieht sehr schnell ein (keine schmierigen Handflächen!).


Ich hab sie erstmal nur wegen des Designs gekauft. Aber die Sonnencreme ist wirklich gut. Ich finde vor allem nice, dass ich danach richtig weiche Haut hab und der Concealer rutscht nicht so in die Falten 😀


When it comes to sunscreen, I don't expect it to smell like nothing. But to be honest, I find it really quite pleasant. You don't always want to smell like an outdoor pool. I have already recommended it to a colleague.


I give it five stars because I was particularly impressed by the sustainability concept. I think it's important to do things better wherever you can, and eco elio fits in well with the concept. Just throw away the old sunscreen and buy this cream now 😉


Thumbs up! My kids like the sunscreen much better and there's less hassle at the playground. Clear recommendation.


I'm really excited about the cream. It absorbs really quickly and isn't sticky at all. I've always felt uncomfortable with other sunscreens and only used them in emergencies...


It's good to know you use eco elio.

Adopt a coral

As a pet they aren't the best. But they are the backbone of our reef ecosystems and the basis of a healthy ocean environment. And with the purchase of eco elio we support the protection and reforestation of coral reefs.

Biodegradable Baby

Our ingredients do not leave any traces. Except for the environmentally friendly UV filters, the whole cream can be biodegraded in a short time. So you can use our sunscreen in nature with a clear conscience.

The most sustainable UV filters

If you take environmental protection seriously, then you probably pay attention to phrases like 'reef safe'. Our UV filters don't only protect your skin, they are also the most environmentally sustainable on the market, approved by the EcoSun Pass.

Innovative Packaging Solution

We developed the Daily Dose Kit to be seamlessly sustainable. We're not there yet, but we're definitely on the right track. With our resource-saving refill system, you'll save up to 65% plastic waste and reduce your footprint by 80%.

Lifecycle Analysis

To be totally certain that our product isn't a burden for the planet, we took sustainability really seriously. And so we measured it. The result: the Daily Dose Kit is the most sustainable packaging solution on the market.

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