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We want to keep you outdoors, doing the things you love, while protecting you and your family.

Matthias & Trent

We are both burnt kids who nowadays make regular trips to the dermatologist.

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We are both burnt kids who nowadays make regular trips to the dermatologist.

Trent Huon


Matthias Scheller


We spent a lot of time outdoors in our youth, and in the 80s, it wasn’t so much about ‘sun protection’ as it was about having ‘a healthy glow’ – which is basically code for skin ageing and skin damage. And so we got burnt.

Trent remembers a completely blistered bottom lip after kayaking along the Tweed River in his native Australia.

Matthias remembers nights on a boat, unable to lie on his back or his belly because of a blistering sunburn in his native Germany.

And then we grew up and saw the damage that the poor sun behaviour of our youth was having on our 40-year-old selves: Trent has had a bunch of non-malignant melanoma removed from his hands and forehead.

Matthias has had to have potential malignant melanomas removed several times and regularly goes to the dermatologist for screening.

In Germany, this is covered by health insurance as part of the nationwide program for early skin cancer detection. You should also get a skin cancer screening!

And through his work at the Unna Akademie Matthias met Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Wolfgang G. Philipp-Dormston, a respected dermatologist and specialist for nonmelanoma skin cancer with a strong interest in improving human behaviour around sun protection.

Together, they came up with the idea for eco elio, with the goal of counteracting the rising numbers of skin cancer cases without being a burden on the planet.

While Matthias & Trent run the enterprise, Wolfgang assists them as head of the scientific advisory board. The unique formulation of eco elio was developed by a team of experts from Skinomics GmbH

Health care Skin examination Sun protection
Matthias Scheller


Health care Skin examination Sun protection

01 Builds healthy habits
  • The problem with sun protection is not the formula: it’s not using enough cream, not using on the right places, and just not using it. Oder nicht an den richtigen Stellen.
  • The eco elio ecosystem raises the profile of sun protection, every day
02 One cream fits all
  • There are endless formulations for all of your different body parts. You only need one awesome cream. That’s eco elio.
03 Takes sustainability seriously
  • The formula, the packaging, the supply chain, our partners – they are all part of our sustainable solution.
  • We are not perfect, but we are better than most. And we’ll keep working on it. Promise.
04 Guided by science
  • Science seems to have taken a back seat to „internet wisdom“ and half-truths.
  • We put science in pole position, and our product is better for it.
05 No Nonsense
  • Wir machen keinen Quatsch. Wir stehen für Wissenschaft und Transparenz. Und das braucht manchmal etwas mehr Erklärung.
  • Es kommt uns allen zugute. Und das ist eine gute Sache.