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The most important facts about DAAB certification.

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The German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) was founded in 1897 as the first patient association in Germany. This means 125 years of experience in dealing with children and adults who suffer from allergies, nutritional problems, respiratory or skin diseases. The DAAB seal has been awarded since 1998 with the aim of making it easier for allergy sufferers and asthmatics to find compatible products.

Since we as a brand want to offer a product that is as kind to the skin as possible, that seemed to be the case for us DAAB certification to be exactly the right person for eco elio to scientifically verify our clean beauty requirements. So we applied for the certificate.

In order to be considered as a potential candidate for DAAB certification, the formulation must not contain any ingredients that have a high allergenic potential: e.g. B. Fragrances and flavorings, essential oils and preservatives as well as dyes and other substances that are known as contact allergens. Of course with eco elio – check ✔️

In the next step, we had to present the positive results of some preliminary tests: a product safety assessment and patch tests (on safety and tolerability on sensitive skin) carried out in independent dermatological institutes in order to be approved for DAAB evaluation. No problem for our cream either – check ✔️

In addition, the DAAB requires full disclosure of all ingredients, a declaration of health safety and that the tested products are free of known allergens and irritants, including non-cosmetic components such as carrier materials, carrier fleeces or packaging. Check ✔️

And if a product meets all of these criteria, the scientific staff approves it for actual testing in practice - the so-called user test.

Then the DAAB test subjects who correspond to the specific target group of the product, e.g. B. Allergy sufferers or people with neurodermatitis are asked to take part in the examination. In our case there were 150 allergy sufferers. The testing is carried out anonymously and on a voluntary basis and, in addition to trying out the product over a period of around four weeks, includes a subsequent interview and the statistical evaluation of a questionnaire. If the test result is positive, the seal is awarded by the DAAB for three years.

And the result with eco elio?

The test subjects mostly rated eco elio as very good or good. We have therefore passed the practical test and are allowed to wear the DAAB logo!

In our opinion, the requirements “low in allergens” and “free from harmful ingredients” should apply to all personal care products. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

One thing is certain: your skin will be happy with eco elio – have fun with our cream!

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