Help us help kids start a healthy habit

We support educational institutions to make sure those kids grow up healthy, happy and safe in the sun.

Kids and sun protection

Modern science shows that UV damage in children has an outsized impact on their future selves – regarding premature ageing and cancer development. We’d love to have you join the eco elio team and make a positive impact on their future skin.

Why eco elio?

Our product system is designed to raise awareness of sun protection – the dispenser is more design object than sunscreen tube – and the robust form means it can be placed where kids and parents and teachers will see it and use it every day.

The large volumes of cream we offer in the pouch also make it an ideal solution for families and educational institutes.

What are we offering?

  • We would like to actively support you in sun protection.
  • Access to one of our education seminars to help you better understand sun protection, application and a few tips and tricks to help you get sunscreen on kids.
  • An education session for kids to help them better understand sun protection and start to build healthy habits from their earliest days.

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