The sunscreen with the “Feels Good” recipe.

eco elio is designed for all skin types and builds on our
„no nonsense“ approach to sun protection.

One Cream Fits All!

eine sonnencreme fuer alles

Whole family

Moms and dads, kids and grandparents, gamers and beauty queens, and, and …

eco elio is for all skin types and all ages – from 2 bis 102 years old.

Whole body

Face and body, cheeks and lips, nose and eyelids, top and bottom, front and back …

eco elio is designed for all of your skin – from tip to toe and every nook and cranny and lump in between. You don’t need 27 creams for different bits – you just need one really good one: eco elio.

What we do without



nano particles

Nano Particles





What’s on the inside


Niacinamide is an excellent moisturiser It has also been shown to be a great energy supplier for cells, supporting the body’s own protective systems.

Organic filters

A lot has changed in UV filter technology in recent years: our highly effective filters are safe for the whole family and offer broad spectrum coverage with a particularly high UVA protection. In addition, they are particularly environmentally friendly.

Skin feel

Of course the cream needs to be effective, but it also needs to feel great. eco elio spreads quickly and evenly over the skin and is quickly absorbed. After a minute, you won’t even remember it’s on.

Tested sensitive

We have avoided potent allergens, particularly fragrances, in the development of the formulation. eco elio was developed with dermatologists and dermatologically tested and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

feels good dispenser eco elio 2

Start a healthy habit


eco elio is for daily use, just like brushing your teeth. Our Daily Dose Kit has everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from UV rays, all year round. Bought once, and ever ready to be refilled, the Daily Dose Kit is good for you and good for the planet.