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There is no room in your life for greenwashing

Responsibility is more than just the product

We want more people to better protect themselves from UV radiation without putting a strain on the planet.

That's why we created an absolutely pure sunscreen and integrated sustainability into every aspect of our brand.

  1. Pure Protection for your Skin!

    • When we say no harmful ingredients - we mean it. We use environmentally friendly UV filters, while the rest of the formulation is fully biodegradable.

  2. Reusability is at the forefront of decision-making.

    • The Daily Dose Kit consists mainly of reusable parts. The only thing that needs to be renewed is the refill pouch, which save a lot of plastic.

  3. If you can't reuse it, design for recycling.

    • The tube and refill pouch can be recycled when they are empty. There is currently no better way, so the next best decision was to develop them for easy recycling. This means we use mono-material as much as possible. The 150ml tube, for example, is made of pure PP and can therefore be fully recycled.

  4. Treat Plastic with Respect

    • Plastic has its flaws, but if we treat it as respectfully as we do glass or paper, we can take full advantage of the material's benefits without all the environmental impact we see today.

  5. Stay close to home.

    • All our packaging and sunscreen are produced in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands.

  6. Suppliers are Sustainability Partners

    • We know our manufacturing and logistics partners personally. They support us in our mission to leave the smallest possible footprint.

  7. Count it.

    • Your true impact on the environment will only be a gut feeling if you can't measure it. When we say we are reducing plastic consumption by 65% compared to commercial solutions, that statement is proven out with our daily dose kit.

Our certificates and awards

Everyone has certificates and badges to brag about. But ours are independent and really exist.

Environmentally friendly filters: The EcoSun Pass evaluates transparently on the basis of internationally recognized criteria and includes eight different parameters, from biodegradability and aquatic toxicity to the potential for endocrine disruption. Thus, the system not only considers environmental factors for individual UV filters, but also allows a comprehensive environmental assessment of filter systems. We are one of the few brands to meet these high requirements.

Certified sensitive: We are tested and recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Association. In a study in July 2022, we were able to test our formulation on 150 allergy sufferers - and passed with flying colours. We are therefore ideally suited for sensitive skin.

We also put our money where our mouth is

With every single product purchase, we give a percentage of the sales directly to Coral Guardian. Coral Guardian takes care of the reforestation and revitalization of damaged coral reefs and raises awareness about this important issue. We think this is great and worth supporting.

And we offer our feel-good guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it within 30 days.

We Counted It

We measured the environmental impact of the Daily Dose kit by creating a life cycle assessment. What did we learn? That the Daily Dose Kit packaging is significantly better than anything else on the market from an environmental perspective - by far. You can read a whole lot more on this topic on our blog. But if you don't have time for that, this fact is already the most important learning.

⅔ Material Reduction

The Daily Dose Kit uses up to two-thirds less plastic than comparable sunscreen packaging - a bottle and pump spray.

45 % reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Global Warming Potential and represents a combined number of all greenhouse gases emitted by the production, transport, consumption and disposal of a product. We are proud that eco elio performs an astonishing 45% better than comparable systems.

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