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How do I get my kids to wear sunscreen?

Sun protection for children is important! But it's not always easy: these tips and tricks can help.

Most kids are rather reluctant to apply sunscreen - mine are, or were, no different. But there are a few things you can do to get your kids to put it on!

  1. Make it a family affair

Show your kids how you enjoy applying sunscreen yourself. That way, you'll encourage them to imitate you. At home, we make up funny sunscreen songs while applying sunscreen - making the procedure even more fun.

  1. Make it a habit

Our dispenser is designed to be placed clearly visibly at home. This way, everyone is always reminded about sun protection and can easily apply the right amount of sunscreen with the dosing pump. Our goal is to create good sun protection habits - from a young age. Because every single sunburn increases your child's risk of developing skin cancer as an adult. So remind your youngster to put on sunscreen until they take the initiative themselves. That way, applying sunscreen becomes a lifelong habit.

In developing eco elio, we found that it took about two weeks to get our kids to actively apply lotion before school.

  1. The kids can do it alone

With the pump, it is suddenly fun to use sunscreen. We have seen that even our youngest daughter, 6 years old, can easily use the right amount of sunscreen, while normal tubes are often a problem for younger kids.

  1. Sunscreen first, then swimsuit

Once the kids are in their bathing suits, it's hard to get them to hold still to apply the cream. And then they have to wait 20 minutes for the cream to take effect...  

That usually doesn't work! So it's best to apply cream calmly beforehand - so even tricky places like under the straps or at the neckline and waistband are not overlooked.

Finally, an important note: sunscreen is not recommended until children are two years old - until then, if possible, they should protect themselves from the sun in other ways (e.g. shade, clothing, etc.).

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