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How much sunscreen should you use?

One thing is for sure: more than you think.

During the development of eco elio, we spent a lot of time looking at the question of how much sunscreen is needed: we came across various national guidelines, different units, the two- or three-finger method, and all sorts of recommendations from influencers. the answer is not so easy.

First and foremost, the guidelines of the German Dermatological Societies (DDG) should be followed. Although these appear quite strict at first glance, they provide a good overview of the amount of sunscreen that is actually necessary.

Ready for the numbers?

A family of four needs two litres of sunscreen for a sunny, two-week vacation (e.g., at the beach) to be fully protected. Sounds like a lot, and it is more than you usually take - be honest.

Due to climate changes and increased UV radiation from the sun, much more sun protection is needed nowadays than a few decades ago. In addition to ease of use, this is one of the reasons why we offer our sunscreen as a Daily Dose Kit with a large pump dispenser, among others. But how can the right amount of cream be measured in pumps?

Our sunscreen application system is designed with ease of use in mind. The pump-based dosing mechanism ensures that each press dispenses precisely 2ml of sunscreen, making it simple and straightforward to achieve the recommended level of protection. We also take into account the varying levels of sun exposure, categorizing sunny days into three distinct types for optimal protection. By using our system, you can be confident that you are applying the correct amount of sunscreen to the parts of your body that require coverage, and that you are adequately protected from harmful UV rays. Remember, it is important to apply sunscreen regularly and generously, and our system makes it easy to do so.

Admittedly, that sounds like a lot of cream on your skin at first. However, if you want to ensure sufficient protection against UV rays, this amount is necessary. The results of a study conducted by King's College in London (2019) show that a sunscreen with SPF 50, if applied too sparingly, provides only 40% of the required UV protection at best. This would only provide an SPF of 20.

Our recommendation is therefore: No half measures when applying cream!

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